Always fond of the World of Theatre, Architecture and Design, Art, Fashion and Philosophy of Language, I have dedicated my life to cultivating my passions.

Born in Rome, with a deep connection to my Tuscan origins, I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Valle Giulia, in Science of Architecture and Construction, with a thesis on Architectural Design, devising an Installation entitled Existential archetypes speak of the Eternity of Architecture to the Human Being.

The excellent result of this compelling research experience has allowed my eclectic temperament, revealing  my most peculiar skills to emerge. These have been evolving in different fields of knowledge and design, ranging from Theatrical Setting to Architecture and have been explored with a particular historical  attitude and a critical  focus on contemporary living .

After graduating, I start a new adventure, qualifying as Interior Designer at Quasar Design University (QDU). 

Since then, my professional interest has increasingly been focused on everyday life spaces and temporary installations, moving from the passion for the formal and material qualities of architectural envelopes to the anthropized spaces of living. My aim is  to explore their potential, with a particular attention to the research of detail in its most varied meanings. 

This orientation has been stimulated by a desire: to create places responding to the user's lifestyle, and on the other hand, to stimulate new opportunities for new and rewarding experiences.

Furthermore, my intent is to experiment with spatial configurations in the Field of Temporary Installations, capable of allowing visitors to explore multisensory dimensions, so significant as to become an "Event". 

From my experience in QDU, the teaching in History and Critics of Interior Design at the same University comes along, and gives me the challanging opportunity of passing the theoretical - critical foundations to those who approach the World of Interior Design for the first time.

My objective is also to make them perceive Interior Design as the prefiguration of settings capable of giving material consistency to virtual places, tactile sensations, emotional atmospheres, to be lived through the body in the concreteness of existence.                                                                                            

The training as a Home Stager at Home|Phylosophy®Academy can, moreover, be considered as a crucial moment to guide my professional activity.


The Home Staging Course at Home|Phylosophy® Academy is the only course in Italy in the field recognized, approved and accredited by IAHSP® (The International Association of Home Staging Professionals).

Actually, I am associated with IAHSP®– Europe.

Poetical Living was born, to devote myself to the World of Interior Design – from Home Make Over to Home Staging for the Real Estate Market, with attention to the context and target (reference market) to which the sale or rental of Real Estate is oriented.

I consider the task of all those, who work on the anthropized space, and in particular "domestic" space and who try to make it truly human and liveable in its tangible and inner dimension, as a precious resource which gives the dweller the opportunity to live while enjoying the taste of feeling at home, to "See the Invisible" and to be able to fully express oneself , thus giving space to one's own world.

May a man look up

From the utter hardship of his life

And say: Let me also be

Like these? Yes. As long as kindness lasts,

Pure, within his heart, [...]

This I tend To believe. 

Such is man's measure.

Well deserving, yet poetically

Man dwells on this earth. 

Friedrich Holderlin

Poeticamente, abita l'uomo su questa terra.

Well deserving, yet poetically

Man dwells on this earth.





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