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Fortunato Pasquali


He has been working in the Construction Sector since 1993, first as Surveyor and then as Architect since 2005.

In the last 25 years he has worked for a Restoration Company in Rome, where he has monitored the renovation works in both  apartments and entire buildings.

Rossana Ranieri


An architect out of passion, I believe that Architecture pervades the life of human beings in all its aspects and that creating a good Architecture is the greatest gesture of love for the others.

As young architect, my activity takes place in Rome and is dynamically organized in a synergy of sectors: from design and work management , university and professional training activities, technical consultancy to construction companies.

Specialised in managing Health and Safety on the workplace, particularly on temporary and mobile construction sites, I am qualified to act as Safety Coordinator during the Design and execution phase in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08.

Edi Solari


Born in Tuscany but Roman by adoption, she approaches photography during her school years  and immediately afterwards she attends the Institute of Graphic Advertising in Grosseto. 

Sure of her future she gets a diploma  in Photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome and decides to specialize in the field of Interior Design and Architecture.

She has been working since 2009 with great passion for Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate Agencies, Hotels and  Specialized Magazines of Architecture and Interior sector. 

Happy to live with her own camera at hand, she is positive, sunny  and always cheerful.


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