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PoeticalLiving interior design studio offers solutions for your home, your hospitality spaces (hotels and b&b, vacation home) or  your store such as:

  • Interior redesign

  • Restyling for your own housing as well as other houses, for micro-reception properties, for temporary homes designed for students and managers.

  • On-line redesign and restyling projects for every environment you live in

  • Personal Home Shopping with personalized projects

  • Home Staging for Real Estate Market. 

  • Home Staging for Events.

  • Interior Design and online Home Staging Consulting  

  • Personal training for neo-professional beginners or experts in the field of Interior Design and Home Staging


The mission of PoeticalLiving interior design studio

To create climates and atmospheres that give dignity and beauty to everyday life.

The vision of PoeticalLiving interior design studio 

To make the invisible visible, giving space to the smile thanks to Beauty.

To put the Person at the center of the project,

To allow the unpredictable poetry of everyday routine to be experienced,

To enjoy the taste of feeling "at home" everywhere, fully expressing yourself. 


The philosophy of PoeticalLiving interior design studio is concentrated on a special attention to the smallest details of the spaces that we are responsible for:

Creativity and Sensitivity are dedicated to bring out the unexpected beauty and pleasant well-being of those places, that you would never expect they could enclose them. 

Imagination, Patient and Attentive Look are all dedicated to making them elegant and always perfect, thanks to their refined and lively identity. 

Competence and experience in the field of Interior Design and furniture of both Italian and international products, are aimed at creating projects that give the emotion of amazement and the pleasure of being always at ease. This is because they are designed to talk about your personality, conceived for your present lifestyle with an eye to the future, made to offer your guests an intimate, lively and engaging welcome, between tradition and innovation in terms of style and technological solutions.

Intuition and Strategic Skill in the field of Home Staging are at the service of your property, placed in the real estate market, so that it can emerge and arouse  imagination. It will stand out among all the others as the most desirable and attractive possible and give you the satisfaction of seeing your goals achieved.

Anticonventional Extravagance and Creative Spirit are ready to create settings in your home, hotel or commercial space to make your event an extraordinarily poetical experience for your guests or clients.  They won't forget you!

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An architecture of matter and touch aims at a " poetry of revelation".

Martin Heidegger

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