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Staged Homes for a Poetical Living. It’s like watching a flower bloom in Staging The World, by Barb Schwarz, Amazon Publisher, 2019


Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging & Home Staging Industry, in 2019 decided to dedicate an international publication to Home Staging more than 40 years after its invention. She involves and selects Home Stagers Professionals from all over the world so they can personally describe how they have known and developed their business in the Real Estate Market in their own countries.

 The result is a rich anthology of Home Staging stories that contains articles in which Barb Schwarz herself tells what Home Staging is and how it was born and developed to become an Industry.


Barb Schwarz is also Founder & Honorary Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, Founder of the IAHSP® Foundation, Founder of World Wide Staging Service Week®, WWSSW®, Founder 



Narrating voice of the video attached to the publication sponsored by the General Department of International Affairs - Miur, Le buone pratiche a scuola. An agenda of work and international experiences, edited by G. Patti and F. Rossocci, Palombi Publisher, Rome, 2014.    

The book is the overview of European and International Projects (U.S.A, India, China) developed in the High Schools in Lazio (2009-2012) as part of DEURE LAZIO Network (European Dimension of Education_Lazio), realized with the EU contribution (COMENIUS, ERASMUS and LEONARDO) and presented at the Conference held in 2013 at the Liceo Scientifico Farnesina in Rome. 

In the video some interviews from young students and observations of teachers and institutional authorities can be heard.

A student states:

"International projects are a benchmark to investigate one's own abilities in the choice of a job".


In this way, the importance of the DEURE network for the development of intercultural skills of both teachers and students is highlighted. 

They have recognized that International exchanges and European Projects have been fundamental to strengthen their entrepreneurial capacity and to interact effectively with other people who are similar or different in terms of history, cultural roots and socio-economic conditions. 

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