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Previews of Living Spaces, 

to Keep Dreaming of a New Home



Visual Experience for "Home Seekers" 

(buyers or tenants)

We offer the opportunity to view a Gallery of "Set Up" Interiors, with the aim of giving them a distinctive identity and a high emotional impact.   

Through designed furniture solutions we help the Seeker (buyer/tenant) understand the potential of those unfamiliar places and move from the vision to the imagination of familiar and personal scenes of new life.  


The interpretation of the environmental qualities of those places, unique and unrepeatable for Daily Life, will be highlighted to create evocative and charming atmospheres offering an aesthetic experience of well-being.


This will lead to emotions and moments of enjoyment combined with positive thinking, which  give rise to the desire for what is seen in the gallery.

The strategy implemented will be structured through a visual "Staging" project of the rooms of the house.

A precious opportunity to propose a Sustainable Marketing media project, starting from the Real Estate Agency's website up to its Facebook page.


This visual staging service, created with 3D software, is also of great help for:

  • Hotel Market and Small Accomodation   Business Market 

  • Historical or ancient buildings with evident architectural-structural deteriorated conditions 

This service is an integration of the indispensable live Home Staging operation to be destined to all the Properties, present in the Real Estate Market context, as a direct and valuable experience of the house atmosphere on behalf of its "Seekers".



  • Occupied houses

  • Vacant houses

  • Micro-receptive & hotel

  • Retail

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