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HOME STAGING‘s aim is to get the maximum return with the minimum expense, taking into account the property location and the potential buyer/renter.

HOME STAGING allows the real potential of a House to emerge, 

It moves even its smallest corners from anonymity to vivacity, through studied furnishing solutions,

It facilitates its overall and unitary perception through appropriate scenographic solutions, 

It creates climates and multisensory atmospheres, giving dignity and beauty to the experience of everyday life,

Activates the imagination and the emotional projection of the "yes.... here I could... there I would like...", 

It exalts beauty, which arises when superfluous is eliminated (decluttering and depersonalisation) and order is created (ordering). 



  • Occupied houses

  • Vacant houses

  • Micro-receptive & hotel

  • Retail

“Home staging is a communication tool”*

The first impression is what really counts...We only have one chance!

The customer will make a buying decision in the first 90 seconds!

A simple visit of a home, while searching  for a place to live in, can turn from a casual and accidental room to room passage into a wonderful living experience, which opens your heart and gives you a new opportunity for life.

“The investment for home staging intervention will always be lower than the reduction in the requested price"*

*Barb Schwarz creatrice dell’ HOME STAGING®, fondatrice di IAHSP® e® America



Home Staging is the “Art of preparing homes” and allows you to place them on the Real Estate Market, making them interesting and exciting, either for those who see them on online photography or for those who visit them live.

The implementation of precicely strategic operational techniques ensures that the home is given a unique and distinctive identity that captures attention.

Home Staging promotes a quick sale or rental in a short period of time, meeting the expectations of the owner, buyer or tenant.

Preparation services, shooting and sample house promotion, also during the construction phase are provided.

TOURIST ACCOMODATION (B&B, holiday home, room rental )

Pleasant, welcoming and sophisticated settings can be created for your future guests/customers by Home Staging.


The Home Stager can be a valid ally of a Real Estate Ombudsman in the process of acquiring and positioning a property on the market lanscape.

The collaboration between the Agent and the Home Stager can either improve the effectiveness of the presentation of the property when visited, or increase the online visibility of the acquired property which will  accelerate the selling/buying process.

The bottom line 

More contacts, more visibility of the property, more offers,

shorter time on the market and stream lined process, 

better return on investment


The cost of a Home Staging intervention depends on location, size, condition and appearance of the property. Each home is unique and has its own special needs, it requires different attention and devices, chosen specifically for it, to express itself in the best possible way.

Contact us for an appointment: we are pleased to provide you with further information about the features and benefits of this service.


Poetical Living provides you with a High Level Professional Photographic Service. 

High Resolution Images with a high emotional impact are an essential condition for your home in order to raise attachment in  the visitors of online Real Estate portals.

The promotion of your home mainly depends on the striking images distant viewers see. The right shots and the ability of a Professional Photographer to enhance the prepared spaces will make the distinguishable difference.

The correctness of the procedures will be  guaranteed by specialized and qualified professionals in all the various phases of  the Real Estate promotion  in order to let you achieve your goals: selling or renting your property at the market price, avoiding reductions and in the shortest possible time.

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